Voodoo Floss How To

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Voodoo Floss is an elastic band used to break up scar tissue between tissue layers.  Think of scar tissue as though it was plywood, all the layers are stuck together but none of them are going the same direction.  Voodoo Floss creates a shearing force beneath the skin that helps break up this adhesive tissue.  This technique can be used to restore motion between tissue layers such as muscle and skin, skin and fascia, fascia and muscle, or muscle layers.  I have found that it can be very helpful for any problem that ends in -itis.  Many of the chronic –itis problems are caused by repetitive injuries which lead to micro-tears in tissue.  The micro-tears lead to small amounts of scar tissue build up between the tissue layers.  Healthy muscles should move independently of one another but with repetitive injuries you get different layers of scar tissue that can cause restricted and painful movement.  Voodoo Floss provides a level of stretching and mobility that isn’t achieved simply by stretching.  I find this tool particularly useful for patients with things like tennis elbow, achellies tendonitis, plantar fasiitis, golfers elbow, etc…  It is also useful for those muscles that are just hard to stretch.

Another way to use Voodoo Floss is for pushing edema (swelling) out of a sprain/strain injury such as a sprained ankle.

How do I use it?

Adhesion removal: Voodoo Floss is a stretchy band that is wrapped around the affected area slightly tighter over the area of pain.   Once wrapped and secured, you move that area through its full range of motion for up to two minutes or until there is discomfort because of decreased circulation.

Edema removal from sprain: start at the area furthest from the heart and wrap the Voodoo Floss towards the heart.  Let it remain for a couple of seconds and then unwrap.  Do this again two or three more times.

Make sure that you don’t lose feeling peripherally (further from your body) to the area wrapped! This could be caused by the band being too tight or applied too long.

There are certain health problems that cause some people to not be able to use Voodoo Floss so please seek help from a health care professional experienced with Voodoo Floss before use.


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