How To Treat Yourself – COVID-19 addition

April 15, 2020 Uncategorized 0

As I was casually browsing Instagram this morning, I came across a post of “Free Treatments”. It included a bunch of activities that can help make you physically and mentally healthier. I really enjoyed the post because there are LOTs of things you can do to make yourself better. Even in the office, I typically tell my patients that half of the treatment is what we are doing here in the office and the other half is the self care treatments you do at home. Here is a list of 13 things you can do to make you healthier:

  • Keep moving, Stop being sedentary
    1. Sedentary lifestyles have been shown to lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and an increased risk for a cardiovascular event.
    2. Joints stay healthy when they are moved regularly.  Movement is good for joint health.
  • Take long walks
    1. Walking is an easy way to get mild to moderate exercise.
    2. It can help to relax you mentally.
    3. It exposes you to sunshine and helps your body make vitamin D.
  • Play
    1. Play like a child would: play games, sports, dance, sing, play dress up.
    2. It has the benefits of making you happier, reducing stress, and getting you your exercise in a fun way.
  • Do things in moderation
    1. Typically a good rule is to not spend too much time doing one thing.
    2. Don’t eat too much, don’t eat too little, don’t stand all day, don’t sit all day, don’t watch too much TV, don’t exercise too much, etc…
    3. All these things are ok to do but in excess they can cause health problems or injuries.
  • Spend time with people you enjoy
    1. This helps to reduce stress, increase your happiness, and helps decrease depression.
    2. In our current lock down environment this means calling your friends and family or utilizing other forms of technology.  Even seeing a message from someone you love has been shown to release healthy endorphins.
  • Meditate/pray/mindfulness
    1. Taking time to clear your mind is a great way to help with stress reduction.
    2. If you have a hectic life, taking a few minutes to process things will help organize your thoughts.
  • Get enough sleep
    1. Insufficient sleep can lead to a number of health problems.
    2. Your body heals better with sleep, and also fights off infection better.
  • Pay attention to lighting
    1. Dimming the lights at night can help to get your circadian rhythm in tune so that can go to bed sooner
    2. Get a dawn simulator if you have trouble getting up in the morning.
    3. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and headaches during the day. 
  • Read a book, do a puzzle, exercise your mind
    1. Keeping your mind stimulated can help brain function and may help delay dementia.
  • Go outside
    1. Get your vitamin D from the sun.
    2. It can help reduce stress and promote positive social interactions (but no being social right now please).
  • Keep good posture
    1. Putting your body in better positions will help to avoid chronic overuse types of injuries.
  • Take a minute or two to breathe
    1. Focusing on your breathing for a minute or two with your eyes closed can help to lower your heart rate.
  • Make your own food
    1. You get to control what ingredients go into your food when you make it yourself.
    2. You can watch your salt intake.
    3. You make sure that extra “filler” ingredients aren’t added just to make something taste better.
    4. You can better control your caloric intake.

I’ve shown some general things you can do that can help. For specific conditions and injuries you should always consult your doctor. 

Or you could take the advice from Parks & Recreation:

Tom Haverford:“Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?”

Donna Meagle:“Clothes.”

Tom:“Treat yo self.”


Tom:“Treat yo self.”


Tom:“Treat yo self.”


Tom:“Treat yo self.”

Donna:“Fine leather goods.”

Tom:“Treat yo self!”

Donna:“It’s the best day of the year.”

Tom, Donna:“The best day of the year!”