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TMJ Muscle Series: medial pterygoid

August 20, 2021 TMJ 0

The medial pterygoid muscle is one of the muscles of mastication.  When the medial pterygoid muscles work together (bilateral contraction) they help close your mouth and help your lower jaw jut forward.  If just one of the medial pterygoid muscles

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TMJ muscle series: Masseter

June 3, 2021 TMJ 0

The masseter muscle is the most famous of the muscles of mastication.  Its primary job is to elevate and protrude (stick out) the mandible.  However, it is such a big muscle that some of its fibers protrude the jaw while

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Whiplash and TMJ

March 4, 2021 Motor Vehicle Accident, TMJ 0

Whiplash in the neck from a car accident is usually paired with temporomandibular joint injuries (TMJ).  It was found that 95% of people with neck whiplash (cervical hyperextension/hyperflexion injuries) from a car accident also had TMJ abnormalities.  MRI’s were taken

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Masks and TMJ

February 25, 2021 TMJ 0

Don’t get me wrong I am an avid mask wearer for COVID protection.  I have no problem with wearing a mask to keep myself safe and those around me safe.  So please don’t use this blog as an excuse to

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